Framework of the Project

  • Governmental contract of cooperation for the compilation and production of the “National Atlas of Afghanistan” between the Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office (AGCHO) and the Department of Geography of the University of Giessen

Other involved counterparts:

  • Faculty of Geosciences of Kabul University, Department of Geography of Kabul University
  • Association of Afghan Geographers
  • Start of the project: January 2008
  • Proposed completion of the “National Atlas”: 2012/13
  • Funding agencies: Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office (AGCHO) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)


atlas cooperation oview


Map Examples

atlas afghanistan neighbouring counties

Afghanistan and neighbouring countries

  • Map draft for an overview on Afghanistan and the neighbouring countries in Central Asia

atlas population map

Population Density

  • Comparison of population density by provinces between 1979 and 2011
  • 2 maps displaying population distribution in 2011

atlas languages map


  • Map displaying the linguistic diversity in Afghanistan

atlas hydrography map


  • The hydrography map displays the drainage basins of Afghan rivers

atlas livestock map


  • Survey map on livestock and rangeland in Afghanistan


Status quo

  • Final map drafts
  • Editing of comments
  • Expert reviews
  • Two Bachelor of Science Theses: “Recent Climate Change in Afghanistan – a gridded data based analysis” (Marina Ostheimer), “Casting National Identity. Challenges and Constraints in the Compilation of the new National Atlas” (Lukas Sicha)


  • Joint research projects on recent developments and challenges in Afghan cartography
  • Interdisciplinary field work in NE-Afghanistan (Amu-Darya- Area)
  • Practical field work units for students from Kabul and Giessen university
  • Production of the first “Educational Atlas of Afghanistan”